• Client Wowed by Presentation: Total Cost Analysis

    This borrower had some specific needs as the family is growing and they might be moving in 2-3 years or they might expand the square footage of their existing house.  They wanted to know what a cash-out refinance looked like and what a 15 year... Read More

  • More Good Housing News!

    More good housing news…home prices are up the most since 2006!  Thinking about buying or selling?  It’s time to make your move!!!    Home prices are beginning to climb, but there are still some great opportunities out there, and rates are... Read More

  • W&V Makes Donation To Her Restore at Still Creek Ranch

    Wallick & Volk announced today that they have made a $10,000 donation to Restore Her at Still Creek Ranch.  Restore Her is a comprehensive program for minor girls who have been rescued by local, state and Federal law enforcement from the horrendous... Read More

  • John Paulson's advice: Buy a house

    This is a great article that deserved to be posted.  Click the link below for the full article: Click Here: John Paulson's advice: Buy a house... Read More

  • Mortgage Interest Rates: Where Are They Headed?

    Today’s $20,000 question is…Where are mortgage rates headed in the near future? Most believe the rapid rise in rates experienced over the last month will not be sustained and that they will level off into a range between 4% and 5%. When... Read More

  • Data Shows Rising Rates Not Slowing Housing Recovery

    The state of the housing market has been improving over the last year, due in part to historically low interest rates. There is a lot of concern that the housing recovery could begin to weaken once interest rates move higher, but recent data shows... Read More

  • Don't Be Left in the Dust... Are You Pre-qualified or Pre-approved

    Are you preapproved (pre qualified?) and ready to make an offer? If not, you be left in the cold when you find the house you want.  It looks like Seattle has a pretty competitive real estate market these days.  I can speak from experience... Read More

  • I Love them for 29834 Reasons

    Testimonial from Our Client: “Love them, extremely easy to work with and very knowledgeable” Lori M. Here's the story behind the testimonial: This is a trend that is happening more and more these days.  We are seeing appraised... Read More

  • Make Your Move

    Home values are up! Now might be the time to consider a move. If you don't have a great agent, we have several great referrals for you.  Check out your options by contacting us for a free mortgage review. FHA, conventional, VA, USDA, jumbo,... Read More

  • Arent Combo Loans Bad?

    In the Seattle – Bellevue area, prices are not cheap.  Interest rates for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans are.  There is a bit of a math problem in using a conventional (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac ) loan when buying or refinancing a property in our... Read More

  • Success Story Restructuring Debt Makes Happy Customer

    I’ll start out this post with what our borrower had to say about the experience of her refinance:  “Very professional – great to work with – easy to communicate with – Everything ran smoothly. I was 100% pleased... Read More

  • Conventional Cosigner Thanks Freddie

    The golden rule of lending is “s/he with the gold makes the rules.”  The rule books have been changing quite a bit over the last few years, but here is one shift in our favor that can be quite helpful.  Setting up the... Read More

  • Success Story First Time Buyer Saves Thousands

    This is a great story about a first time home buyer that thought she was out of the running for qualifying for a mortgage for a home purchase.  She had a chapter 13 bankruptcy, had been turned down by another mortgage company, was feeling... Read More

  • This Week's InsideLending is Available!

    This week's Inside Lending Newsletter is available for viewing! Click here Inside Lending is a publication that will help keep you informed of economic news and data that affects interest rates, real estate, and general lending trends. Whether you... Read More

  • You Only Thought You Were Underwater Values and Refinancing

    What I’m finding out there right now is that appraised values are starting to go up and rates are super low. This is now the season for those who found themselves underwater or at the tipping point of having 20% equity in their homes to review... Read More